You’ve decided to use your skills and talents to coach others. It’s an exciting time. You’ve trained and developed a process. You’re making a difference in people’s lives!

Your coaching business is getting established. But, at this point, you feel like your coaching business is the “best kept secret” only a chosen few know about.

You can’t afford to wait any longer- it’s time to Be Seen

We’re not going to pull any punches…There are a lot of coaches out there right now. That number keeps growing. Between 2015 and 2019, for example, the number of professional coaches increased by 33%.  

As you could guess, lots of coaches want to get noticed.


How will YOU stand out among the crowd?

Paying for expensive online ads? Spending way too much time posting on social media?

There’s a better solution…

Create and optimize your website! It’s probably the best online marketing strategy for your coaching business.

It’s easier than ever to make a website, and the return on investment can be huge! 


How a Website Helps Your Coaching Business

We live in the digital age. Most people search for products and services online. If you don’t have a website…you’re missing out on establishing and growing your coaching business.

Sure, you had some success with social media and outreach. Now you’re an established coach. It’s time to share your insights and accomplishments to get more clients–ones willing to pay more for the services you already offer. 

So how can a website do this? 

It’s actually a process that can easily help your coaching business thrive…when done correctly.

And guess what? Once your website is set up and optimized…you get more clients. You won’t need to work harder…your website works for YOU! 

Here’s how… 


Look Professional/Build Your Brand

As a life or career coach, you are a business owner–even if it’s just you. 

Businesses have websites.

People want information about products and services before they purchase them. Where do they get that information? Yep…your website.  

After all, how do you get more information about a product, service, or investment you’re interested in? Chances are you Google it to check out a website and see what others are saying. After all, we want to be sure we are spending our money wisely

Your web presence–even if it is a simple website, such as Weebly–confirms your credibility for those seeking your services.

But it’s more than just credibility. You are creating a brand. Everything you add to your website–logo, profile image, valuable content–helps to establish you as a professional and builds your brand.  


Reach Your Target Audience

If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on attracting organic (FREE!) prospects actively searching for your services.  

Here’s how: Websites that are optimized for search engines rank higher in the search results. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows search engines to easily scan your site. If your site has great content and is optimized, your website can rank in the top pages of search results.

So…those actively searching for services like YOURS have a better chance of viewing YOUR website.   


Engage Your Prospects

Getting more traffic to your site? You’re halfway there…Get people excited about your services. More traffic means NOTHING if they don’t take action.

Quality content in your landing pages, service pages, and blog posts is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience.  

Make sure your content reaches them on a personal level–their struggles, aspirations, reasons for investing in coaching services, and the outcomes you provide.

Remember, it’s fine to tell your story and discuss your qualifications…But MOST of your website content should be about how your services make a client’s life or career path better.


Turn Prospects into Clients

Strike while the iron is hot.

Back in the day, this was valuable advice for blacksmiths to take action before metal cools.

Almost 500 years later, it’s still great advice–for more than blacksmiths!

Individuals visiting your website are warm prospects interested in what you have to say. A user-friendly website with quality copy gets them to take action before they go somewhere else.

In other words, they go from being prospects to CLIENTS!

A specific call to action, lead magnet, or link to a sales page on your most popular blog posts are just some ways to get prospects to take action.


Share Successes (Get More Clients!)

Another way to encourage prospects to take action…show successes. 

Once your current clients start making breakthroughs in their personal or professional development…Encourage them to share!

These are YAY! moments for both you and your client. 

Detailed testimonials can be the tipping point for someone considering your coaching services.  


Take the Next Steps for Creating Your Coaching Website

Ready to get that website up and running? Here are a couple things you can do right now…

For those with the DIY mentality, check out some of our expert tips to optimize your website for more traffic and conversions. 

If you rather focus on the coaching aspect of your business…schedule a clarity call now

It’s an excellent opportunity to save time, hassles, and shorten the learning curve of creating a website that attracts an audience and turns them into your clients.