I’m fortunate enough to get to work with entrepreneurs all over the world to help them achieve their dream life. Read some of the success stories from my amazing tribe.


I’m fortunate enough to get to work with entrepreneurs all over the world to help them achieve their dream life and scale their online businesses. Read some of the success stories from my amazing tribe.


Founder, The Aligned Pretzel

My first month with Hanna, my dream was to make $4000 and quit my job. What really happened, is that I earned $20,000 and became location independent...

Hanna astounds me with her ongoing support. We connect, and she has guides me every single day. I have gotten clarity on what is my service is and who I work with (seriously I was a confused, frustrated mess). And she helped me actually put myself out there and talk to my ideal clients and create inspiring content for them. Every day I have several calls now, whether it be gaining research or helping others with service and understanding the needs of my people. I came from wanting to be of selfless service and providing value to my followers to actually embodying that and feeling how amazing it truly feels! In one week… what will the future hold? Hanna makes you realize you are limitless.”


Yoga Teacher

Hanna is a powerhouse! The moment I signed up with her, an incredible shift happened. I became more balanced and sane in my business by following her program

…and now have a structure that is leading me in the right direction. I would wake up most mornings not knowing where to start, but now, I wake up motivated and loving the process of being a small business owner. She is great with constructing a road map that is unique and specific to your business, timely with feedback and is super positive. Success is the only option with Hanna. She brought my business and me back to life and helped me earn $9,000 in our first 5 weeks together.  Only up from here! Forever grateful for her.


Confidence Coach

I came to Hanna with a goal of becoming a business coach myself- for mompreneurs to be exact! With only ideas and a blank slate, I made the investment and haven’t looked back!

A month in to working with Hanna & I had created a community of hundreds of ambitious women looking to uplevel their lives! I landed 2 talk interviews, an affiliate for my program AND an online feature! ONE MONTH, guys! Not only that, but Hanna gave me the confidence & support I needed to take make my dream life REAL!


Blogger, Obtaining Bliss

Working with Hanna was the game-changing kick in the butt I needed to truly make a difference not just in my business but my life....

I knew I was missing something with my business and when I connected with Hanna I quickly realized her coaching was that missing link I needed. Hanna’s straightforward approach challenged me perfectly to do the tasks I needed in my business. From figuring out exactly who I should be serving in my business to the nitty-gritty business details new entrepreneurs easily forget about, Hanna walked me through every step. Thanks to Hanna’s coaching program I’m much more confident in my ability to be hugely successful in my business and feel empowered to help others. If you are on the fence about hiring Hanna, take the leap. It will be the push you need to finally become successful.


Founder, Happiness Exposed

Hanna helped me realize my calling of being an Intuitive Life Coach and empowered me to create the business of my dreams...

She has held me accountable for every step along the way from setting up my site, creating impactful content for my blog, sifting through the masses on social media to find me ideal client, networking with other entrepreneurs, and creating community outreach events. She’s even supported me to start writing my first book! I went from doubting my capability on our first coaching call to signing 3 high-ticket clients in less than 3 months of coaching. She continuously gives me new ideas and motivation to expand my business and increase my profits. I have her to thank for making my DREAM LIFE my REAL LIFE.


Performance Coach at Dominick DeAngelis Coaching

Hanna pushed me to land my first $20,000 speaking gig. After years of having corporate trainings on my vision board, we made it a reality....

She is amazing to work with. So good on the strategic and tactical level. Hanna has done an amazing job helping me out with my business and keeping me in line with my objectives. The energy and passion she brings to her work is infection and keeps me constantly growing my income and my impact


Founder, Limitless Millenials

If it weren’t for Hanna’s coaching, I wouldn’t be in the place that I am today. And I certainly wouldn’t be the person that I am today...

Hanna took me from a dream of what my life COULD look like to actually LIVING my dream life. She taught me everything I need to know to create and monetize my business and went above and beyond by taking me by the hand to show me what to do. And her coaching style is so special in that she strives to hold her clients accountable for what they’re doing (or not doing), she pushes her clients to go well beyond their comfort zones, which in turn makes them achieve more than they ever believed they could, and she gives more support than you’d believe possible. Hanna is an incredible coach- full of positivity, knowledge, ambition, amazing ideas, and a little woo-woo to round it out. If you are looking to finally fulfill your potential, uplevel your business and live your dream life, then Hanna is your coach! She will quickly show you that your dream life- your REAL dream life- can be your real life.


Professional Organizer

When I first came across Hanna Hermanson Coaching, I was hitting my one year “bizversary” and had hit a major plateau. In just my first week working with Hanna, I was able to get clear on the next focus of my business and set energetic boundaries

 (aka saying “NO!”) to anything that was not in line with that next focus. Hanna is extremely detail-oriented, responsive, and smart! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to uplevel their life and business. In our first month together, I made my first high ticket sale (finally)!

Hanna made analogies regarding mindset and strategy that I had never heard before that truly opened my mind up in a new way...

I left her workshop feeling inspired and filled with numerous ideas, leading me closer to my goal of reaching my ideal clients and scaling my dream business!


Founder, Global Artist Community

Working with Hanna is a wonderful experience. As an actress and model, I wanted to create a community of other artist (and not stay broke)...

I have learned a lot about resilience, being resourceful and staying positive along the way. Thanks to her and her guidance I have a clear vision and know the steps I need to take, each week, to build the business I always dreamed of. She helps you by being extremely supportive and staying by your side even though she is a thousand miles away.  With her, I’ve grown a Global Community of Artists that I have always wanted to serve. And I feel rewarded for my passions, talents, and dreams. I truly recommend anyone who is looking forward to being in charge of their future to decide to make Dream Life Real Life with Hanna!


Serial Entrepreneur, Mariana Lacombe

She's extremely committed to serving her clients with her heart and her amazing coaching skills. There is no need to feel trapped or stuck anymore!...

If you have a dream but you’re afraid to follow your heart… Maybe you’re not sure about the future… and you may feel that your current career is the only thing that could make you feel certain that everything will be OK in the future… You don’t need to be afraid anymore! You just need some help! Hanna has been helping many millennials live their dream life.


Owner of Tech All Day

I made the decision do coaching with Hanna and she has been so motivating and inspiring to work with. She gave me concrete steps to identify my business and the steps to finally get started...

I have always wanted to start a business and have spent years researching and thinking, buying domains and Info products and dreaming about working for myself. I made the decision do coaching with Hanna and she has been so motivating and inspiring to work with. She gave me concrete steps to identify my business and the steps to finally get started. All the ideas and plans she has for my business are for my specific situation, I feel like she is always thinking about me and my success! I am so thankful for her non stop support, overflowing positivity and true enthusiasm.


Marketing Consultant

Hanna truly stands out as an entrepreneurial force of nature. She's incredibly strategic, ambitious, enthusiastic and committed when it comes to getting real, accelerated results for her clients...

I know that whatever goals we set, she will go above and beyond and support me to achieve, every time.



I went into the event not having any idea how to actually get to my 'dream life'...

As a student, I was not sure how Hanna’s presentation would apply to me. However, she gave many small, easy steps that anyone can take to achieve their dream, no matter what that dream looks like.


IT Expert

In person, and on our calls, Hanna gives me the step by step support I need to take action on my mission. After each interaction, I truly feel like Dream Life is Real Life!...

Hanna has an impressive and unique ability to spark light and energy in the people around her. Her background in education and wellness, PLUS her creative, bold, entrepreneurial spirit are a powerful coaching combination- that fill an important role in my life and business. I am inspired and motivated by her insight, and I always look forward to our chats. In her workshops, it is clear that helping others realize and actualize their passions is Hanna’s gift.


Owner of NoxWood Designs

Highly recommend taking Hanna’s Monetize your Passion Project workshop! Hanna has an upbeat and inspiring energy about her, making you feel like you can accomplish anything...

She creates a safe space for people to be vulnerable and share their projects – successes and failures – with a group of strangers. It was great to be able to hear from others in similar situations and to troubleshoot together. Hanna provides valuable direction on sitting down and really thinking about who your target customer is, where to find them, and how to communicate with them.


Lifestyle Designer

I have worked with Hanna for the past 5 months to start my dream life! She has been supportive and has empowered me not only with the tools but also with confidence as she constantly reminds me of my VALUE and helped me in many ways to keep the fire burning within me!

She is STRATEGIC and has vast knowledge in many areas of entrepreneurship & abundance mindsets! Hanna has been the perfect hand to hold while building my dream life! If Hanna’s teachings align with you then get on a call with her and see if you connect!! She will definitely be able to coach you to get your dream a reality! Thank you Hanna for your support along my journey – I am so happy we met and have been able to connect like this!! YOU have made an IMPACT on my life so I can now go out and make an IMPACT on others!!! hem.


Dance Studio Owner and Entrepreneur

Hanna is an amazing coach who truly keeps it real and meets you where you're at.

When she says she will hold your hand – she literally means it. She holds you accountable and genuinely gets excited to brainstorm with you! She is so responsive, accessible and insightful. Working with Hanna was definitely an impulsive desperate decision on my part but turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made – one that truly changed my mindset and life!”

P.S.  The MOMENT I choose to ask for Hanna’s guidance, doors started swinging right open for me! Like they had just been waiting for me to see they were unlocked!


Massage Therapist

I am a firm believer that things happen the way they are supposed to. People come into your life for a purpose. Hanna came into mine at the most-crucial time for myself and my business.

I had been feeling stuck, worried about the longevity of my business the way things were going. I knew I needed a change. We weren’t introduced in a professional manner, but because of Hanna’s energy, positivity, & random jokes, I knew I’d want her to stick around for a hot minute. She has an uncanny ability to find and pull out your strengths. When you are doubting yourself, she will be there to help encourage you and guide your thought processes on a positive and constructive path. I’m excited for my continued personal and professional growth with Hanna.

P.S.  The MOMENT I choose to ask for Hanna’s guidance, doors started swinging right open for me! Like they had just been waiting for me to see they were unlocked!

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