book a no strings attached 10 minute clarity call

If you are ready to dial in your sales and marketing strategies, you might be in the right place!

book a no strings attached 10 minute clarity call

If you are ready to dial in your sales and marketing strategies, you might be in the right place!

Nisha H.

Founder, The Aligned Pretzel

My first month with Hanna, my dream was to make $4000 and quit my job. What really happened, is that I earned $20,000 and became location independent...
Hanna astounds me with her ongoing support. We connect, and she has guides me every single day. I have gotten clarity on what is my service is and who I work with (seriously I was a confused, frustrated mess). And she helped me actually put myself out there and talk to my ideal clients and create inspiring content for them. Every day I have several calls now, whether it be gaining research or helping others with service and understanding the needs of my people. I came from wanting to be of selfless service and providing value to my followers to actually embodying that and feeling how amazing it truly feels! In one week… what will the future hold? Hanna makes you realize you are limitless.”

Dominick D.

Performance Coach at Dominick DeAngelis Coaching

Hanna pushed me to land my first $20,000 speaking gig. After years of having corporate trainings on my vision board, we made it a reality....
She is amazing to work with. So good on the strategic and tactical level. Hanna has done an amazing job helping me out with my business and keeping me in line with my objectives. The energy and passion she brings to her work is infection and keeps me constantly growing my income and my impact

Hannah M.

Founder, Limitless Millenials

If it weren’t for Hanna’s coaching, I wouldn’t be in the place that I am today. And I certainly wouldn’t be the person that I am today...
Hanna took me from a dream of what my life COULD look like to actually LIVING my dream life. She taught me everything I need to know to create and monetize my business and went above and beyond by taking me by the hand to show me what to do. And her coaching style is so special in that she strives to hold her clients accountable for what they’re doing (or not doing), she pushes her clients to go well beyond their comfort zones, which in turn makes them achieve more than they ever believed they could, and she gives more support than you’d believe possible. Hanna is an incredible coach- full of positivity, knowledge, ambition, amazing ideas, and a little woo-woo to round it out. If you are looking to finally fulfill your potential, uplevel your business and live your dream life, then Hanna is your coach! She will quickly show you that your dream life- your REAL dream life- can be your real life.
Hanna made analogies regarding mindset and strategy that I had never heard before that truly opened my mind up in a new way...
I left her workshop feeling inspired and filled with numerous ideas, leading me closer to my goal of reaching my ideal clients and scaling my dream business!

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