According to, 86% of consumers have a more positive view of a brand after consuming that brand’s content.

Content creation is one of the best ways for coaches to market themselves. It’s a chance for potential clients to get a glimpse at what you’re all about…and what makes you an AMAZING coach.

The problem…Most coaches don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to constantly create QUALITY content. 

The solution…Savvy coaches choose to work with copywriters. These are highly skilled writers that get to know you and the ideas you want to share. Then they turn this info into compelling content that gets your audience EXCITED about what you have to offer.

Here are 3 coaches that teamed up with Done For You Copywriting. See how our approach made a HUGE impact on their business.

Career Coach: Larnell


Larnell had an established coaching business but wanted to reach a larger audience. He didn’t have time to market, and he knew his website needed an overhaul.

Larnell wanted a website that captured his essence. He had a lot to offer clients–his website was a great way to highlight his unique skills and abilities. 

DFY got to know Larnell, his story, and what made him stand out among other career coaches. Then we honed Larnell’s brand voice to create a better representation of him. We also did in-depth market research and found opportunities where he could tap into as an expert in the field. 

With a more powerful, focused voice, we crafted the copy for his website. Then we took some outlines of topics he wanted to write about–but never got around to–and turned them into compelling blogs that ranked high in search results. 

Larnell’s website is now getting thousands of views from potential clients each day. He’s no longer the “best-kept secret” in career coaching. 

In Larnell’s Words:

“I highly recommend Hanna’s team! I got a chance to work with DFY on multiple projects from my website, to my blog posts, to my sales copy. They have been phenomenal through and through and I can’t recommend her enough.

“Earlier this year, I was looking for someone to help me with my website copy. I had a website before but wanted a new one with a fresh copy. I worked with DFY and they were able to really capture my essence and who I am on paper. Because of this team, I have a very successful website that thousands of career seekers go to every day to learn about my services.”

Health Coach: Leslie

Leslie came to DFY with a great audience–a decent email list, podcast listeners, and social media followers. BUT…she wasn’t using this to her advantage. She wanted MORE than people just “liking” her stuff and asking to pick her brain for free advice. 

Leslie was already super busy. She didn’t have time to spend on marketing. And, if she did get a little break in the action, she wasn’t sure what to say to get her ideal clients to take action on her high ticket health coaching program.

DFY created a robust email marketing campaign and ongoing messages through email and texts. We also used a proven Facebook strategy to get people interested in everything she had to offer.

The result: Leslie got more of her audience to purchase her services. She was able to increase her prices and DOUBLE her revenue in less than 3 months. And she keeps making PROGRESS!

In Leslie’s Words:

“Before I started working with Hanna and her team, I had it in my calendar to write an email every day for about 3 months (or maybe more). After all, I’m a great writer…I can do it myself! Well, that didn’t happen.

“I did have hesitations about investing, but like all investments, once it’s done it’s done…you don’t think about it anymore. I really appreciate how fast the DFY team gets to work on tasks with just spot-on copy and feedback. It feels really good knowing she has my back in this area. 

”It’s so important to let your audience know you’re around, helping people, and care. It means so much to me now that it’s all taken care of. I highly recommend Hanna’s team for all your copyrighting needs!”

Spiritual and Life Coach: Lisa


Lisa was overwhelmed. She was managing multiple businesses on lots of channels.

She had a great YouTube following. BUT…The thousands of views and all the “likes” weren’t turning into conversions.

Lisa kept on putting out great content. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the time to market it so it could benefit her business. 

DFY stepped in by streamlining her omnipresence. It started by upgrading her website and using search engine optimization (SEO) to make her more visible to people actively searching for services she provides. 

Then we repurposed some of her most popular existing content so it would encourage viewers to take action.

Finally, we began a focused email marketing campaign and ongoing sales messaging on all the channels where she was already popular. 

In 3 months, Lisa DOUBLED her revenue. New systems in place helped her reach more people, more often, in LESS time. She is now able to focus on what she loves–COACHING–without the time-consuming stress of marketing. 

In Lisa’s words:  

I haven’t sweat about content in months! It’s such a gift to just pop into my document, and see my entire month ready to copy, paste, and POST! The DFY team has given me so much time and energy back- I finally had time to hire another salesperson and really SCALE my business. I was the bottleneck before, and with all this time back, I’m able to enroll and coach 2x as many people! Priceless.

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