How Do You Create A Lead Magnet That Actually Converts?


You have been running your business for a while now, so you already know the immense value of crafting a compelling lead magnet, however, creating them can be tedious and time-consuming! So before you waste tons of precious time and energy throwing together a generic e-book or checklist (that ultimately fails to deliver) ask yourself these 4 strategic questions to ensure you create a high-converting lead magnet for your audience.

1. What Does Your Audience Really Need?

Dig into the major problems your audience is facing and offer to solve them.

This is the key to stopping compulsive social media scrolling and really capture their attention. But how do you find out what is keeping them up at night?

Literally, just ask them.

Sometimes it’s that simple! Creating questionnaires, taking detailed notes during your calls with prospects and clients, sending surveys, or writing probing-question-style posts are a great way to keep your finger on the pulse and increase interactions. Data suggests that question-style posts get 100% more comments This could be an ongoing strategy that you incorporate into your content research efforts. Post a survey in your group or on your page, send out an email asking for their help, or indirectly investigate the questions and problems that emerge in your market by browsing popular topics in the following places:

Answering questions posed on Q&A sites is also a great way to build authority and tactfully offer your lead magnet to someone who really needs it.

Once you discover the burning questions looming over your ideal client, consider the best delivery method to serve up your custom solution.


2. How Does Your Audience Prefer to Consume New Information?

The Medium is the Magic Sauce

Deciding on the platform is almost as important as crafting the message. You need to speak to people in a language that they understand. Is your ideal client a podcast junkie? Do they set aside 1 hr a week to learn a new skill on Youtube or LinkedIn Learning? Are they avid readers? Here are some popular and effective options to consider:

  • Webinar
  • Podcast (or audio download)
  • Quiz
  • Checklist
  • E-book
  • Challenge
  • IRL training

Decide which method is the most useful, executable, and versatile (Amy Porterfield has an amazing guide to help you choose which is right for you!) and then begin carefully structuring the flow of information. To ensure you stay crystal clear, try reverse engineering a path from the desired end result back ⬅ to step 1.

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3. Is Your Title Hyper-Specific and Offer a Clear Outcome?

If you are speaking to everyone you are speaking to no one.

Overly vague language is a major reason people pass on a lead magnet or ad. It just didn’t speak to them. To stop getting passed up, you need to focus your title on a singular action that will lead to a hyper-specific result. Here is an example:


Instead of:

‘How to start an online business without Facebook’


‘How to get your first 5 high ticket coaching clients without facebook groups’


✔️ Specific Audience: coaches, new ones;

✔️ Specific Outcome: 5 new high-ticket clients;

✔️ Niche Problem: doesn’t like/want to run a Facebook group.

This is speaking to a distinct persona and promises to solve a huge problem for them!


4. How Can You Reach The Most People?

Consider all the best ways to get it out there! Where does your audience hang out?

Omnipresence is important when cultivating a high converting audience. Consider all the places they go to consume information online and be sure to offer your wisdom through many channels. A few popular options are:

Plan to repurpose and recycle content.

To make a good lead magnet, it needs to be thoughtful, speak directly to the problems you solve and super useful to your ideal clients. You put time and effort into crafting it, so it would be crazy not to maximize that effort by repurposing what you’ve already made into different forms.


Answering these questions thoroughly before launching a new “freebie”, will ensure that you get opt-ins WITHOUT being pushy


Build social posts from blogs, turn long-form articles into bite-sized, easy to consume pieces of content such as infographics, checklists, or pdf downloads, turn a webinar into a book!


Even if you invest a small amount into having the content repurposed (e.g. paying for the audio of a great Facebook Live interview to be edited and balanced for your podcast) it is still less effort than starting at the beginning.


If you are wondering what your audience needs, which mediums to reach them on, or what to theme your next piece of content to ensure conversion (read: paydays and email subscribers), let’s chat! I offer 1 hour Free Strategy Calls to blog readers (that’s you)!