Bethan Arundel | Episode 7

Bethan Arundel shares the moment she discovered her purpose, and how to brand from within to build your business around it

Bethan Arundel Speaks About Finding Your Purpose & Branching A Business Out From There

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We are back! Friends, dreamers, family.

Today we are with Bethan Arundel! Bethan is a brand strategist and website designer who exchanged her London city life for her dream life 2 years ago when she set up her business and moved to Portugal.

She helps high-powered female entrepreneurs all over the world step out of the Shadows and into the light by empowering them to brand from within with head-turning visuals and websites. Currently, on her vision board, are dreams of international travel to work with clients face to face to expand her work into a killer creative agency and to spend a month retreating in India without her cell phone! Yes!

Bethan, welcome.

B: Hey, really happy to be here.

H: I love that so much we are both vision board fanatic so maybe I’ll see you in India face to face

B: oh I would absolutely love that it’s like my dream, I love working with people online it’s what I do, but it’s definitely my dream to go and fly out and see my clients face-to-face and actually like, pop a bottle of champagne with them.

H: champagne yes… I was just joking earlier this week with someone you know how did you know you were in your dream life you start waking up and popping champagne and having confetti tossed at you.

B: I don’t know about you but I was just like having a bath full of like gold and glitter and I thought yep I mean my dream life this is it.

H: I just cuddle with dollar bills… but a bit of seriousness- so it says in your bio that you traded your city life we are dreamlife take us back to that era of your life and why that transition was prompted.


B: Wow. Ok, so 2 years ago, yeah, 2 years, I was living in London I had a job that I really loved. I was running a charity for entrepreneurs for Creative entrepreneurs helping them get mentorship & funding and it was a really great job. But I always had this feeling that I was helping other people achieve their dreams and maybe I wasn’t really achieving mind and I actually had, I’m just remembering it now, I had this really good life coaching session with someone, and I was meant to be having the life coaching session about how to progress myself in my career doing  this charity and he asked me to visualize myself; and I was thinking okay I’m in this house it’s nice I’m in London I’ve got an office with people and all the sudden I just broke down in tears and he was like okay what’s going on and I was like I’m not living my dream and I don’t know how to own this but I’m not living my dream he said so what is your dream and I was like, almost ashamed to admit it, and I said “I want to help people, I want to use my creativity to help people, I don’t know what it means but I just know that it’s my purpose”

and when you have a realization like that… you can go back, but if you go back you’re denying yourself two living in your purpose. So. Yeah. I just kind of did a big change I quit my job and I moved back to my dad’s house moved out of my London apartment I was just like it was a process of like taking everything off the table of my life, like pulling the tablecloth everything coming off, then consciously choosing what I wanted to put back on the table and it was a really, well, slow process it took me a few months and at the beginning I was like looking for volunteering opportunities to go and do yoga or go do meditations and I thought that was what would like, raise my vibrations and I had this realization that I had been putting all of those Solutions in other people’s hands, like I felt like I needed to go to a retreat to be happy to be doing these things and in the end I had a really bad volunteering experience I told all of my friends and family, “look I’m going away for 3 months Im not going to use my cell phone, I’m changing my life” and after like 3 days in this volunteer place, it was awful, and I had to quit I had to go home and on the train journey home I thought I can either feel like a failure or I can actually use this to take control of my life and the way that I want and I made a list, like a vision board a list of all the things I wanted to achieve and one of the most important things was to have a career which meant that I could travel around the world help people in that creative way I wanted to be in nature I wanted to be in a community of like-minded people and then I just started opening myself and that’s the amazing thing when you actually open you step into the flow and things just come to you.

H: wow!

B: yea! So, I had a nice friend who really needed a website quit gotten ripped off for about 10 grand for a website and I just said, let me do it I want to do it I’ll do it for free I just want to do it he loved it he paid me he referred me on to somebody else and in the first month I made more money then I had running the charity and I was like okay now where do I want to live and then I moved to Portugal and found that community of like-minded people found the most beautiful place nature-wise and I just, yeah started on my way.

And I’m lucky enough to say I was financially self-sufficient from the beginning, I just knew it was what I wanted to do and it’s been a kind of process of going from like okay I can be self-sufficient and I can take whatever clients come to me, to like, about 6 months ago, going ok – if I’m going to be doing this I want to make sure that I’m working with people that inspire me and lift me up and inspire me to make the world a better place and that’s what’s been happening, as soon as I open myself…. people like you came and others came and yeah, its been really amazing.

H: I hear this phenomena over and over it’s this creating space and letting go of the how and so for you to be so honest and think about well these are the things that I know to be true I want to use my creativity to help people, I want to accomplish a certain set of things in my life, and I don’t know how and that’s okay and the other piece that I think is so important for us to glean from your story is that it’s a constant unraveling. It wasn’t like you had one break through and then cut off you know, it’s this constant breakthrough move to that one and that constant unraveling. I’m kind of hanging on to that phrase cuz I just heard it in yoga class this week which is always so interesting and you hear these phrases, and then you’re like oh yeah, this totally applies to my life this week.

B: I think the constant unraveling, sometimes people can be scared of letting go because it’s so much easier to control so that you can control your outcome but sometimes when you just open yourself to this is what I want for my life, I don’t know how to get it but keeping faith and keeping focus on a vision helps, because they only times in the last couple of years that I have diverted from the past is when I question myself I’ve questioned my purpose and I’ve lost track of the overall vision and as soon as I realign myself, I can get what’s the word not aligned unaligned?

H: out of whack haha

B: yeah out of whack, out of whack, it’s from me not looking after myself as much, or not surrounding myself with the right people, and then as soon as I tap back in to that flow and remind myself what my dream life is what my vision is and I start looking out for myself and I start looking for things for myself you just fall back into the flow. I’m all about the flow.

H: and reminders. You mentioned that you wrote down the things that you wanted to achieve you also mentioned your vision board but you have any other strategies that bring you back to alignment or remind you of your purpose?

B: yeah I think meditation has helped me a lot. Because when I meditate I just focus on something in my Center, like my core, and I see it like a white light and so when I’m meditating I’m always thinking about how I can expand this white light and the white light can be…

H: so you’re saying the white light can be all of the dreams that you have or the purpose that you’re working towards or even just that higher vision of yourself I love that. News flash listeners, meditating is a powerful, and almost necessary practice, especially if you’re going to be stepping out into a purpose, into a path, that may not be traditional or may not be prescribed for you so I love that

B: I lost you for a moment there. See the only downside to living in Portugal is the internet connection sometimes

H: The upside is that I can talk and I filled it in for you I think!

B: Yeah! So this white light, it’s also the feeling you get when… when you have a really good meeting or … even when you go on a nice walk and it’s like this feeling that just expands in your like oh my God this is the best feeling in the world! So it doesn’t have to be a white light it can be anything, just going back to that white light reminds me why I’m here, why I do what I love, and if ever I’m kind of off the path if I sit there and think about that feeling “how do I get that feeling back?” what are the things that I need to do it just sets me on the way again. And it self-belief, number one.

H: practicing the feeling is so powerful, for our soul for mindset. I also like to talk about how this is actually quantum physics. It’s not just a nice idea, it actually aligns us, energetically, with all the other energy in the world so super powerful practice.

B: you just talked about physics, I’m a huge physics nerd, but there’s one thing recently you know Stephen Hawkins passed away and he was such an amazing metaphor for me about the power of living in your purpose because this is someone who got diagnosed with a life-threatening illness he even got given a couple of years to live, he lived 40 or 50 years beyond that and the thing that kept him going, when his whole body shut down, what’s his purpose, living out his purpose, everyday single day actually kept him alive. That is the power of living in your purpose.

H: so remarkable. Good stuff. So, all right, this is a great journey and you are to us about the power of once you identify that you have a purpose, and you’re working for somebody else’s dreams or just kind of sticking to the path that you may have chosen once you have found that purpose and you know that it’s bigger you can’t unlearn it. And so these practices can keep you on the path, although we were talking about unraveling and letting go of the how.

dream life.

Talk to us a little bit about the work that you found and what it is you’re doing now to stay on that purpose, but like you said, also self-sufficient, paying the bills, interacting with the real world…. Haha

B: so basically when I started my business as I said I was kind of just taking in any clients that I could get because I needed to pay the bills. And so I was working with car garages, and printing companies, and it was all good but it had to eventually come back to a point of who do I want to work with, how do I raise my vibration through the people that I work with.

H: Oooooh. Great question for any entrepreneurs out there, “how do I raise my vibration through the people that I work with”


Meditate on that!

B: I know! That was such a big thing for me. You know I have, what I do day today, I design people’s websites, I design people’s brands, I design people’s logos, and I design everything that is involved in, kind of, communicating your visual brand to people.

And, I loved what I was doing, but I have a bigger vision for my life as well where I want to actually help people impact the world that they want to. So I don’t want to just work with people who are focused on a small vision I want to help people with a big vision that actually want to, I don’t know, go do charity work somewhere else, or help children or a really big purpose. And if I can help them on that direction, that’s something that’s incredible to me so I work with mostly female entrepreneurs with a big vision wanting to impact the world and I help them brand from within

What that means…

H: Yes please tell us more

B: yeah so that white light I’ve been talking about or whatever it is that feeling that gets you out of bed in the morning I help people take that that energy and I help them communicate it to their audience. So it’s Brandon from your values, your beliefs, the type of person that you are, the person that you want to be and from your truth. Because if you communicate your truth out there the only people that are going to come back to you or your target audience. Are the people that you’re meant to work with, that are going to raise your vibrations, and so that’s how I help people now.

H: and that ripple effect is totally real!

B: I know! Totally real! It’s incredible to see it I cannot tell you the number of meetings that I come off and I hang up this is zoom or the Skype, and I literally run around my living room and dancing and singing because I’ve got so much energy….

H: high vibe

B: yea such a high vibe!

H: yeah I love the way you speak about branding, one of the things I talk to my clients a lot about, is… I don’t care what your color scheme is, I don’t care what your tagline is, Branding is actually a process, it’s an extension of you especially as personal business owners entrepreneurs a personal brand it’s not at all about Aesthetics or the right font, although you’re amazing at choosing those things, it comes from within and starting from your own understanding of what Legacy you want to leave. It’s exactly where we both start our clients.

B: I think having someone who is a professional that can design and make your visuals, your font that you choose, make it relevant for today, also I think when you choose to brand from within like that, it’s a brand that will stay with you for life you won’t have to rebrand every 2 years because you will be doing it from your soul in a way. And that doesn’t change. So having a professional to work with on that and just communicate it, yeah it’s what I do and I love it

H: yesss so amazing. So yea i think that first question be kind of pulled out already, “how do I want to raise my vibration who the people that I work with or the people that I help” and then what would maybe be in next step of reflection or action taking when someone’s like, “Okay, girls, I’m with you I have a big purpose I’m not just going to work with someone else’s dream” and might want to implement some of this in their own lives and their own business?

B: I think the first thing is, it depends on where you are on that stage. Because you could have had a business going for a few years,  and actually, you could be making a lot of money through that business, but you don’t feel connected to it. I work with a lot of people that are in that stage, they don’t feel connected and they want to Rebrand so they can actually attract those people that they have that vibration with. Or you could be at the very start of your business  and most people start with either designing their own websites themselves or design your brand and can usually only get you to a certain point and at that point, if you do decide to work with someone, it’s about getting clarity. And you’re amazing at this, you help people get clarity in the most amazing ways, it’s working out what your services are like how you can Define that to your audience and how you can make sure that you are attracting these people through everything that you offer. Whether you work with a coach, whether you work with even just a friend to help you do it, it’s just about getting clarity.  without clarity, your messages going to be confused and so you’re not going to be attracting those people that you’re sort of destined to work with.

H: Clarity brings creation, yet something I hear myself repeating a lot is that you don’t get clear in your own head, so I love how you’re saying get a coach talk to your friend because the most foggy unclear place is your own head; and so it taking action, sharing your ideas it’s an amazing first or second step.

B: and pretty much every super successful person either has a mentor or coach and just because you don’t know how to give yourself the answers and the clarity doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough or that you’re not succeeding, it’s that no one can, within their own minds, solve those problems it’s why we all have coaches and mentors to get that clarity. So it’s powerful. My artist friend did this amazing post the other day, he does sketches and it’s a sketch of a horse with a boy on top riding the horse and the boy asked the horse what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever asked for and the horse says help and I just think it’s so so powerful just actually saying I need help I want help and it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it or you’re not good enough it actually means that you’re super clever for just asking for help.

H: I love that super clever.

So we are reaching at the point in the show or I like to give gas a little pop quiz! So don’t worry if you didn’t study I won’t be too harsh but just three more questions for you today in the first one is:

What is one action step or one thing they can do today to get them closer to their dreams?

B: The number one would be a really big piece of paper or a wall you can paint over and coloring pens on you start with a circle and you draw in the middle “what is my purpose” what gets me out of bed in the morning

And then everything off that, that shoots off that is the what you can offer. What you’re good at, what your services could be, who you want to attract. And then you Branch out from there and if you Branch out from your purpose then you know you’re starting from the right place.

H: Powerful, go get your crayons I love it. All right

Is there a tangible resource. Let’s say a book or a podcast or an experience that really helped change your life that you would recommend other people get their hands on?

B: That is a really tricky one. Can I use mindfulness as a resource? (Yes)  I’m currently doing an 8-week mindfulness course and I’ve always been a massive Ambassador for mindfulness, because mindfulness allows you to cut out the noise so if you’re in a position in your day today, like I did today, sometimes you get a bit overwhelmed you’ve got so many things that need to be done you got to take your kids to school you got to do the shopping, you got the client that messages you all the time blah blah blah. And you take it back to the Brett and then the next steps that you take is one that you can consciously choose from your purpose what do I want to cheat out of the day that is the biggest resource that I can recommend.

H: Amazing and we all have access to it we don’t have to go download it we don’t have to order it from Amazon.

B: Right, everyone has it, literally in this moment everyone can take a breath, think about what their next step wants to be and that’s it

H: Love it! Question number three, you’re doing great by the way, where can people learn more about your work and stay connected with you

B:   That’s an easy one. I have a website, called Spirit & Blue. So it’s Just message me through there and, I’m not so hot on social media, I usually help other people with their social media strategies and hide a little bit – but I am on social media if you go to Spirit and Blue as well. And just talk to me, I love to chat with people I love it just send me a message and we’ll jump on Skype or if you have any questions.

H: Another amazing place you can see Bethan’s work is on my website! and we’re both at designed and supported so much by Beth in so I can’t speak for her work loud enough, but definitely connect with her on Spirit and Blue and know that you would be in good hands if you reached out

B: thank you very much I loved working with you and you raised my vibrations

H: see this is the dream life right? Surrounding yourself with people who advanced your mission and we create this ripple effect so I hope that at some point you were dancing around your apartment because of a conversation that we had!

B: Many, many times! I was going to say many many times I have done many kitchen dances thanks to you

H: and the support you have given me has helped us grow the business and of course Mack has done some dancing in the kitchen knowing that our blog with my partner is getting him out of his classroom job and into opportunities so I can’t wait to see after this episode and after all the other things were working on get out into the world how much dancing and good vibing we get to do

B: thanks so much for having me

H: Of course my friend, Bethan, thank you so much remember to check out to see Bethan’s work and also to get the resources that were mentioned on this episode.

We will be back next week with more stories and strategies to educate and inspire you on your path to your

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